About Us

TRUSTEX TRADING, C.A. was born in Venezuela in 1988, as a food exporting Company, to major markets in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and other South American countries.

We achieved an outstanding growth during the first three (3) years. We were awarded the "Venezuela Exportadora" Award in 1991, by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. This has encouraged us to continue growing both in new product offers and in the search of new markets

Our Mission

Trustex’s purpose is to offer the best business solutions for imports and exports in the international food business, including pulses, spices, dried fruits, rice, sugar, dairy products and edible oils, thus guaranteeing our allies long term relations with a Win/Win philosophy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading organization, renowned in the international trade market for its ability to generate thriving business opportunities based on excellence and good business practices.
We Offer

Our Products

We pay special attention to all factors influencing the cycle of a product, from start to delivery; that is to say climate, soil, sowing, quality surveys, processors, packaging, storage, transportation, and distances, among other.

With this in mind, we succeed in delivering the best in the following products:

Our Services

Our experience and WIN-WIN business philosophy have enabled us to obtain outstanding value chain alliances globally and we are thus able to offer a comprehensive service:

Information of Interest

Our Alliances

While seeking to offer our clients an integral service, we strengthened our value chain by making important alliances with Venezuelan growers and processors, we have thus become part of the great Green Mung Beans export Project. We started this project a few years ago, but it is becoming stronger day after day, and we, Trustex, with our strengths and credibility manage Green Mung Beans projection and commercialization to the rest of the world.

Our presence at events

In order to guarantee the development and continuity of the business with the highest level of excellence, we attend International Fairs regularly searching for information on market tendencies on new crops, improvements in production, packaging and certifications formats. We exchange information with industry experts to update and generate the necessary changes our allies require and we venture into new markets.


If you want to contact us, or send us any comment, suggestion, complaint or recommendation, you can do it through this simple form:

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